As one of Australia’s leading private agricultural management companies, Australian Agricultural Investment Fund provides specialist independent advice and unrivalled service to clients seeking direct investment opportunities in Australian agriculture.

Experts in the Australian agricultural farmland sector, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee that every client is shown the farmland or agribusiness opportunities available in Australia that best meet their requirements on income and risk.


AAIF can successfully source quality horticultural opportunities to meet your requirements and do so in a timely and confidential manner. 


AAIF can assist develop agribusiness investment opportunities across many livestock areas including cattle, beef, poultry and abattoir.


AAIF can provide the customers with services to access to Australian aquaculture industry which is the fastest growing primary industry in Australia.


AAIF can facilitate specialised investment into dairy products, farms and processing plants.


Our Experience, your advantage

AAIF consists of a team of experts with many years agribusiness experience. Our team can assist prospective agribusiness investors with a range of services spanning key areas including :


Land Sourcing & Due Diligence

Purchase Negotiation

Finance & Bookkeeping

Lease Management

Operational Management