Agriculture worldwide is going through rapid change due to concerns in food security, political instability, environmental damage and increasing population.

The age-old institutional structure of family farms is being challenged.

New ways to own & operate farms are being implemented.

For agriculture to grow into the future, it must OWN THE VALUE PATHWAY from paddock to plate! By controlling this, producers can deliver food security, stability and environmental sustainability, and deliver more high quality SAFE product to the consumer from the same land holdings.

The AAIF vision is to own Australian agricultural assets within the value pathway. We will give investors the option to invest in individual assets or reduce risk by investing across a group of agricultural assets. These assets are not only LAND but agribusinesses, processing plants, food wholesale outlets and input cost business – ALL WHICH are connected within the agricultural value pathway.

AAIF, through experience and a comprehensive network, can assess and provide services to help investors find these investments.

The unique structure of AAIF will serve two masters:

The Investor – giving choice & security

The Consumer – by building an Agricultural business that has control and leverage to deliver  safe & environmentally friendly food products  from paddock to plate