Many investors into agribusinesses simply seek the best and most consistent returns and are happy for AAIF to guide them in the placement of funds into property or businesses producing a certain commodity. Others want to invest into a particular commodity or a particular region.


Irrespective of the client brief, AAIF can successfully source quality farmland or business opportunities to meet your requirements and do so in a timely and confidential manner. AAIF facilitates individual investments as low as AUD$1,000,000, often by accessing off-market landholdings.


At the other end of investment scale, we can source and aggregate land for an individual investor to AUD$100,000,000 or more in value. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us to see how we can help you.


Working solely in the rural business and land sector, AAIF has the knowledge and the relationships to locate prime investment opportunities that will produce sound returns for our clients.


We understand the complexities and lateral issues involved in the identification, financial and physical analysis and procurement of Australian farm property.

We can identify and avoid any potential pitfalls. 

We can identify value in any individual property or business and then conduct a thorough and rigorous due-diligence process.


We provide these essential due-diligence services:

  • Physical inspection of the property or agribusiness and its infrastructure
  • Soil testing to determine nutrition and PH status
  • Mapping of the property to determine true arable area and property boundaries
  • Assessment of future required expenditure on the property
  • Preparation of a detailed property report
  • Production analysis based on historical production data
  • Financial analysis of likely investment returns
  • Facilitating a sworn valuation of the property
  • Legal due diligence in regard to current ownership
  • Environmental survey and notation